Crimson Clan Members

Kerry Bruce
Kerry is a well-travelled actor, currently living in Edinburgh. Whilst studying Acting and Performance for three years at PASS, Edinburgh College, she performed as the Nurse in Liz Lochead's 'Medea' and was an ensemble member in the cast for Andy Arnold's production, 'End of the World (For One Night Only)'. Kerry studied at UWS, achieving a BA (Honours) in Performance, where she has developed a keen passion for playwriting.

Kerry has worked with award-winning theatre company, Creative Electric, in shows such as 'OK', 'The Elbowroom' and 'Glittershit.' She travelled to Morocco in 2013 to perform in Sputnik Productions feature film, 'Diversity.'

Kerry wrote Crimson Clan's play, 'Mine Ain Fowk', and is thrilled by the experience of bringing her character, Keira, to life . She also plays the 'supportive' friend, Ashley in '#TheBeckyToddShow', a project she is extremely passionate about.

Photo Credit: Scott Cadenhead

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